Distance Learning and Project WET Training

WaterVentures Florida's Learning Lab is also supported by Distance Learning Programming options.  


Programs Currently Offered Through Crystal Springs Foundation

Alligators K-5 (45 min program)

In this interactive video conference program, students will dive into the swampy world of Alligators!  How do these modern day dinosaurs hunt, hide, and survive?  Our instructor will guide students through an inquiry based lesson that will include activities and live alligators!

Springs Around the World K-5 (45 min program)

Dive in the underwater world of water!  Join our instructor on a trip around the world to discover different kinds of springs.  Learn how a gyser works and explor a world where monkeys take hot baths!  Students will participate in this interactive program complete with experiments and video clips!

Are you Smarter than a Crayfish? 6-9th (30 min program)

This fun, interactive game show takes students through a food web!  Questions, animations and instructor lead conversation teachers students about food chains and food webs and how energy is transferred through an ecosystem.  Students compete to see which team is smarter than a crayfish!  Next Generation Standard MS-LS2-3

Reptile Adaptations K-12 (45 min program)

How do alligators hunt?  What's the big deal about a turtle's shell?  Are there rainbow colored snakes?  All these questions are more will be answered in this interactive video conference program.  Students will meet all 4 types of reptiles and the adaptations that make them each unique.

For more information or to register for a Distance Learning Class visit http://www.crystalspringspreserve.com/education/crystalspringslive/


Project WET Teacher Workshops are also provided by WaterVentures for your school district.

Upcoming Project WET Training:

Please contact Jessica at info@crystalspringspreserve.com to schedule a Project WET workshop for your school or orginization.