Crystal Springs Foundation

Crystal Springs Foundation is a 525-acre sanctuary devoted to environmental education and dedicated to the preservation of Florida's natural environment. Crystal Springs Foundation features a wealth of wilderness experiences for visitors. Featured within the preserve is Crystal Springs, a Magnitude 2 Spring System, discharging 30 million gallons of water per day. Our focus on instilling an appreciation for Florida's diverse habitats is evident in our unique environmental education programs. Our programs offer challenging, hands-on, directed learning opportunities for your group. Through our magnificent wildlife viewing opportunities, miles of wooded trails, river boardwalks, unique nature center, wilderness pavilion and extensive butterfly gardens, visitors are immersed in enriching experiences which enable them to make environmentally conscious decisions as they grow into the future.

WaterVentures is based on the experience and success of Crystal Springs Foundation.  As fundamental leaders in environmental education, Crystal Springs Foundation educates over 50,000 people each year on the beautiful 525-acre preserve located in Central Florida.  We belive that good stewardship of Florida's precious natural resources depends on the future generations understanding of the world around them.  We realize that Florida's a big state and that not everyone can travel to Central Florida and that is why WaterVentures is coming your way!  

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